Animal Reproduction

Specialised solutions for the optimisation of each of the key stages of animal reproduction, through products based on proprietary technologies.

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Technological solutions for animal reproduction and welfare

In our commitment to improve animal reproduction, we offer specialised products and systems to optimise each of its key stages. Our solutions range from semen analysis in the laboratory to insemination at the production site

We design analysis systems, specialised in swine and bovine, which examine the quality of semen in a simple and fast way. By employing technologies such as robotics and artificial intelligence, we improve the efficiency of the analysis process and eliminate human error, thus increasing the objectivity of the results. 

To complement the analysis, we have different counting chambers, reusable and disposable, characterised by their high optical quality, as well as all types of materials that you may need for your laboratory, such as heated platens, dilution tubes, pipettes, etc.

However, our commitment does not end at the laboratory, in that we develop complementary solutions that stretch all the way to the production site. We provide solutions for the storage of doses, through semen extenders, to improve semen quality and concentration, with sperm promoters characterised by their good intestinal tolerance, and to facilitate the insemination process, with a pheromone vaporiser that replaces the presence of the boar.

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