We were born in 2005 with a purpose: developing technologies, products and services that contribute to solving the challenges of our society.


More than 18 years innovating

Motivated by our passion for technology, we have grown and expanded internationally, developing products and services that provide innovative solutions in the sectors in which we operate.

This journey began in 2005, when ARQUIMEA was born, and since then we have been present in international space missions such as Copernicus, we have travelled to the International Space Station (ISS) and we have reached Mars with the Perseverance rover. We have also tackled COVID-19 with our genetic analysis capabilities and industrialised the cameras for the network of telescopes that will service the world’s largest gamma-ray observatory.

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The future is in our hands


ARQUIMEA is born

Dr. Diego Fernández, Founder and President, leaves Airbus Defense & Space and creates ARQUIMEA with the aim of developing technologies, products and services that contribute to solving the problems and challenges facing our society.

The name ARQUIMEA is a tribute to Archimedes, the ancient Greek inventor that was the first to believe technology could change the world.


We begin to grow

A year after commencing our journey on Earth, we sign our first contract with European Space Agency (ESA), laying the foundations for our lengthy trajectory in the space sector, collaborating in major landmark projects with our capacity to develop and produce radiation-resistant microchips, mechanisms and actuators for satellites and other space platforms.

This year ARQUIMEA partners with EXPAL to create a joint venture called EXPACE that will be the seed of our defense and security products. The goal of the joint venture was  to develop electronic information and tactical support systems.


We reach Space

We become a benchmark in SMA (Shape Memory Alloys) mechanisms for the deployment of solar panels, satellite antennas and astronaut support systems on the International Space Station. Our proprietary high temperature SMA (Smarq) is born.


Our birds take flight

We develop and manufacture the first bird-shaped drone, an innovative solution for monitoring birds at airports, nuclear power plants and crops.


We enter the world of biotechnology

We commence our journey in the agrotech sector, integrating biotechnology solutions with products and systems specialised in the optimisation of the key stages of animal reproduction.


We promote R&D in Spain

We believe in the innovative capacity of the SMEs and companies that make up the Spanish research ecosystem. This is why we create Kaudal, a company devoted to the promotion of R&D through Tax Lease.


We continue in orbit

Our first microchips reach space aboard the Hispasat 36W-1 communications satellite. This milestone is followed by other satellites such as Eutelsat Quantum and Spainsat NG.


We grow in the biotechnology sector

With the aim of improving the environment, we create biosolutions, focused on reducing plant stress, biological disease control, sustainable water management and the harnessing of agricultural waste.

In addition, we begin to develop science and technology to improve people’s health and well-being.


ARQUIMEA Research Center is born

We establish our own private research centre, where we develop ideas and get involved in projects with a high technological impact. With the aim of developing and advancing technologies that will generate a high social impact in the coming years.


We join the fight against COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic brought everything to a standstill, but at ARQUIMEA we were not prepared to stop. We took on the commitment to fight COVID-19 and pooled our genetic testing capabilities to offer mass and reliable coronavirus detection testing.

This commitment has led us to manage the COVID-19 test centers at Spain’s 16 most important airports, performing more than one million tests.


We reach Mars

We supply the mechanical components for the MEDA environmental station on board the Perseverance rover during NASA’s Mars 2020 mission. The third Mars rover in which we participate.

The largest network of telescopes to measure gamma rays

We industrialise the cameras of the large telescopes of the gamma-ray observatory Cherenkov Telescope Array (CTA), to be located on the island of La Palma, Canary Islands.


Technology at the service of healthcare

We develop our genetic tests, which enable the identification of the risk factors that each of us carry in our DNA, in order to act on them today to prevent potential alterations or diseases in the future.

We commence construction of 250 satellites

Together with NSLComm we are developing BeetleSat, a new LEO constellation offering global Ka-band connectivity for secure point-to-point communications, cellular backhaul, mobility and additional premium services, in the commercial and government sectors.


We adquire Iberespacio

We buy Iberespacio, a company specialized in thermal control products and engineering solutions for space, with over 30 years of experience.

In this way, we reinforce our position as a leading supplier of products and technologies across the entire space value chain, and round out our development and production capabilities to meet the demand for satellites, systems and space components.


We purchased the U.S. company Ecliptic

We acquired 100% of Ecliptic Enterprises Corporation, a California-based company specializing in optical systems, sensors and space avionics with over 500 cameras launched in space and over 150 successful missions.

With this acquisition, we consolidated our access to the U.S. market, while strengthening our position as a leading supplier in the space sector with the capacity to respond to the growing global demand for satellites, systems and spatial components.


We continue to innovate

At ARQUIMEA we know that change is the only thing that is constant and that tomorrow is always too late. This is why we work every day to develop products and services that anticipate the needs of society. Want to join us?

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