Forward observer and surveillance UAS, SHEPHERD-MIL

The use of drones has spread to all areas of our lives, both personal and professional. For the defense and security sector, drones and UAS technology has become a key system that offers great operational and security advantages.

UAS and drones for defense and security

SHEPHERD-MIL is a UAS for observation, reconnaissance, surveillance, and target tracking from great distances

SHEPHERD-MIL ADVANCED is an autonomous aerial reconnaissance UAS in the shape of a bird. It is silent and incorporates an intelligent
surveillance system.

The UAS is suitable for infantry or artillery units and for special operation and security forces. It is in service in worldwide Armed Forces.
It was designed to look like a bird and is also propelled by an electric motor. The SHEPHERD-MIL ADVANCED can get closer to the objectives
to perform target tracking and data acquisition without being recognized.

The intelligent surveillance system consists of a dual EO/IR 20x zoom camera, 2 mechanical and 1 software stabilization axes gimbal and video processor. Its HD image processing system and the mechanical device that allows it to rotate freely, helps you to recognize large areas, follow moving targets and detect threats at a great distance.
The SHEPHERD-MIL ADVANCED is designed for simplicity. The user-friendly ground station interface will make it intuitive and easy to use.

It is a hand-launched UAV that needs less than 5 minutes to be deployed and it can land on any field; no runways are required.

The SHEPHERD-MIL ADVANCED system has a ground station and an antenna prepared for harsh and humid environments, but everything is easily transportable in shockproof cases.

UAS advance technology

In service
Shepherd – MIL is successfully in service in several armies and security forces worldwide.
<6 minutes
Very easy and short deployment time in less than 6 minutes.
1 hour power
Shepherd – MIL can carry on surveillance missions for an hour.
Main features

SHEPHERD-MIL is a bird-shaped UAS with the latest technology

Bird-Shape camouflage
Silent and unobtrusive
Easy operation and maintenance
Hand launched
Automatic takeoff and landing
Automatic navigation
Emergency and “come back” function
Real-time HD video
Detect and frame targets on the display automatically. The software is combined with a neuronal mesh to show the indicated objects on the screen. It also sends you the geolocations of those targets, such as car license plates, armoured vehicles, or points of interest.
The platform’s autopilot, with the help of the video processor, means moving objects can be followed autonomously.
Night payload makes it possible to perform the same functions in situations of low or no visibility. In addition, it allows us to recognize objectives through its thermal features.
With the wealth of data collected, the software generates a geolocated database, which allows greater control of the monitored areas and helps generate reports for greater intelligence accuracy.
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