Fire control system for mortars and artillery TECHFIRE

Fast and secure information and data transmission and management are key for the decision-making in the battlefield. AT ARQUIMEA we provide the armed forces with the latest technology to carry out their missions safely and efficiently.

High Accuracy and reliability

TECHFIRE improves accuracy and automates tasks to accelerate decision-making when time is key

TECHFIRE is a fire control system for mortars and artillery howitzers that automates and accelerates all the tasks related to direct or indirect fire, in a single gun or a weapon unit, allowing increased precision and control over supporting fire processes.

Through its interactive, user-friendly graphical user interface, TECHFIRE is a system that enables operators to deal with all kinds of fire control processing data. The system offers a wide range of applications that allow users to exchange a wide variety of operational information and orders.

TECHFIRE improves precision and provides different ballistic solutions for mortar and artillery units. It is compatible with all available communications systems, data management systems and laser rangefinders.

Through its GIS visual interface, TECHFIRE helps minimize collateral damage, improve coordination, and accelerate and facilitate the decision-making process, enabling the rapid dissemination of orders among units.

TECHFIRE has been specifically designed to exchange digital information among its main components and subsystems: Platoon Commander Computer (PCC), Ballistic Computers (BC/BCe) and Forward Observer Computer (FOC).

TECHFIRE Key features
OTAN armies
TECHFIRE is in service in several OTAN countries and worldwide
Developed in accordance with military rules, doctrines and STANAG standards
Compatible with all mortar and artillery platforms
Our fire control system TECHFIRE

Technology to improve the performance with mortars and artillery

The user can easily exchange information to different units in real time. The interface and intuitive software make easy all processes.

Technology to improve safety and performance

Main features of our TECHFIRE fire control system
Designed and made in accordance with military rules and STANAG’s.
Automatic target acquisition system.
Ballistic correction.
Mission data management and filing.
Terrain management. Seen and hidden zones, defilade areas.
HW platform independent. The software can be integrated in different devices.
Intrusion proof software.
Compatible with all kinds of artillery and mortar ammunitions (possibility of loading and working different ammunitions firing data tables).
Meteorological compensation.
Automatic aiming adjustments.
Units’ management. Own and enemy force’s location.
Instantaneous message and graphic information transmission.
Training mode.
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