We create innovative products and solutions by integrating ESG criteria: environmental, social and corporate governance.


We build a greener future through technology

At ARQUIMEA we are committed to sustainability. We work on projects aligned with the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, such as the production of bioplastics, purification of agricultural waste, generation of renewable energies or helping to reduce space debris.

Every day we look for new and better ways in which technology and innovation can help us reduce the environmental impact of our company and society.


Science and technology for a more prosperous society

Aligned with our purpose, we seek to improve our society through innovative products and solutions based on proprietary technologies.

We firmly believe that change is driven by innovation and education. This is why we collaborate in different initiatives, for example, encouraging more girls and women to follow a career path related to science and technology or supporting technical associations at Universities.


Committed to ethical behaviour and transparency

One of our pillars is our commitment towards ethical behaviour, transparency and integrity with our employees, customers and stakeholders involved in our activity.

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