Our extensive experience in highly demanding sectors has allowed us to develop a broad and varied portfolio of capabilities, with the aim of offering the best solutions to the different markets in which we operate: aerospace, defense, science industry, biotechnology and Fintech.


Discover our broad portfolio of capabilities

At ARQUIMEA we are continuously developing innovative technologies, products and services that contribute to solve society’s problems and challenges.

We are proud to be able to offer our customers complete solutions that our experts create, develop and test in our own facilities. Our capabilities are the result of years of work, research and continuous improvement to achieve increasingly efficient and profitable processes.

ARQUIMEA’s portfolio of capabilities is transversal to all our areas of activity, which allows us to generate synergies among our solutions. At the same time, we adapt to the particularities and requirements of our clients and projects.

our Engineering capabilities


Engineering is one of the fundamental pillars of ARQUIMEA. We started in 2005 collaborating in large projects of reference in the aerospace sector with our capabilities in mechanical, microelectronic and electronic engineering.

Throughout these 17 years we have incorporated new capabilities and implemented state-of-the-art technologies, allowing us to develop truly innovative and disruptive solutions.

We have a team of engineers and technical experts in different areas. Their extensive knowledge in industrialization, software or sensorization, among others, allow us to achieve success in all our projects and differentiate our products for their high technological component.

our Manufacturing capabilities


We have different manufacturing facilities, which allows us to have an exhaustive quality control during the whole process, as well as to eliminate intermediaries and reduce costs.

Our manufacturing capabilities are very varied and range from drones or structural assemblies to parts for the aeronautical, food or animal industry.

We have recently added satellite systems manufacturing and integration capacity, thanks to the acquisition of a 10,000 m2 facility where we will manufacture more than 200 satellites in the coming years.

our Assembly and test capabilities

Assembly and test

At ARQUIMEA we are highly committed to quality and the continuous improvement of all our manufacturing processes and technologies.

Thanks to our facilities and approved and authorized centers; and to the rigorous performance of inspections, tests, and trials, we ensure the highest quality of our equipment and components. In this way, we guarantee the correct operation of our products and compliance with all international standards.

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