Industrialization of customized equipment

At ARQUIMEA we have decades of experience, knowledge and cutting-edge technology to carry out the industrialization process of equipment and components. We carry out the review of the initial design or prototype, optimize the manufacturing, assembly and test of equipment and components necessary to help scientists from all disciplines to built and develop their technologies and inventions.

Design, manufacturing, integration and testing

We support your scientific projects to help you to continue researching

At ARQUIMEA we have decades of experience in the industrialization of equipment from its conception and design, through manufacturing and integration, to the testing and certification process.

We are specially focused on the scientific sector and we approach these projects with the necessary experience and flexibility to complete them successfully.

We work with the main research centers such as CIEMAT, IAC, XFEL, universities and companies of the most demanding sectors and we have state-of-the-art facilities to manufacture high performance electromechanical components.

Our latest technology and machinery (MAKINO, DMG, JUNG, HEXAGON, among others) allow us to ensure that we satisfy our customers’ requirements. We have ISO-8, 7 and 5 (class 10000) clean rooms; mechanical analysis and design: CAD-CAE; CAD-CAM 5-axis machining, CNC lathes, vertical lathe, large milling machine, plunge, EDM, TIG-MIG-MAG-laser welding; clean room precision assembly; dimensional control, inspections, load and electrical tests and trials, P and T tests; thermal vacuum chamber and a fully computerized management and production system to control and reduce delivery times.


Industrialization of customized equipment advantages.

Reduce production time.
Experience and capabilities to produce more and better.
Improvement of the original design or prototype.
Improved design, manufacturing process and subsequent maintenance.
Optimization of production.
Improved cost, timing, testing, mass production and maintenance.
Mass production methods.
Implementation of new methods with a certified quality control system.
Collaboration between science and industry.
Collaboration between scientists, researchers, engineers and technicians with a common goal.

Our experience in industrialization

We support all the industrialization phases of your proyect

Our extensive experience in industrialization has allowed us to participate in multiple projects. Among which we highlight:

  • Cameras for the large teslecopes of the CTA observatory.
  • X-Z positioning tables with sub-micrometer precision for the XFEL accelerator quadrupole, located in Hamburg.
  • Magnetic calibration bench for the Spanish ALBA synchrotron.
  • Prototypes for the segment supports of the large primary mirror of the E-ELT (ESO).
  • Supports for all the segments of the GRANTECAN primary mirror.
  • Polarizer exchanger for the RAL neutron accelerator, in the United Kingdom, or primary slits for the CMAM linear accelerator, located in Madrid.

We also have several pieces of equipment for the Spanish ESRF lines in Grenoble, France, a robot for remote gamma radiation detection for CIEMAT and several components, spare parts and machining for the production plants of companies such as Robert Bosch, Peugeot, Renault or Repsol.

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