We develop spaceflight equipment for satellites and launchers. We have flight heritage on thermal control systems, structural panels, earth observation cameras, hold down and release mechanisms and actuators, and custom rad-hard microelectronics for space applications.

In 2023, we plan to open a new factory to integrate satellites. We are currently developing our own 500W bus perfectly suited for constellations.

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Decades of passion and technology deployed in space

Since our inception almost two decades ago, ARQUIMEA has contributed to both scientific missions (NASA, ESA…) and commercial missions (Hispasat, Beetlesat). We have participated in over 160 space missions and collaborated with more than 200 customers.

Several NASA Mars rovers include technologies supplied by ARQUIMEA.

Our offer for space ranges from flight-proven components such as optical payloads (cameras and video systems), hold down and release mechanism and actuators (HDRMs), pipes or rad-hard integrated circuits, to complete satellites. Our products are constantly evolving to anticipate the needs of our customers in future missions.

We are working on Artemis, the flagship program at NASA that will return humans to the moon.

We are currently working on the development and mass production of small sats (<200Kg) for the BeetleSat constellation. BeetleSat is a LEO constellation offering global Ka-band connectivity for secure point-to-point communications, cellular backhaul, mobility and additional premium services, in the commercial and government sectors.

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