Fusion and energy

We strive for excellence in the manufacture of scientific instruments and electromechanical components for fusion and nuclear energy research centres. With decades of experience, we offer tailor-made solutions that drive research and development in this field of research. From innovative projects to high-precision components, we are committed to providing quality products that drive progress in the quest for sustainable and safe energy. Trust us to take your research to the next level.


Our manufacturing expertise at the service of research

At ARQUIMEA we are leaders in the industrialisation and manufacture of critical components for research centres dedicated to particle physics.

Our infrastructure and advanced capabilities allow us to design, manufacture, integrate and test complex systems and components ensuring accurate and reliable results.

We collaborate closely with researchers to develop customised solutions that drive the advancement of cutting-edge scientific projects. Our commitment to excellence and innovation ensures that every component meets the highest standards of quality and performance.


Industrialisation of scientific prototypes

At ARQUIMEA we have decades of experience in the industrialisation of scientific prototypes for the astrophysics sector. This is a crucial process that transforms experimental concepts into viable and scalable products.

Through collaborations between researchers, engineers and industry, we optimise these prototypes, improve their durability, efficiency and production costs. The standardisation of components and the use of advanced manufacturing technologies are key. Thus, devices such as the cameras for the telescopes of the CTA observatory have been manufactured to the highest quality standards and within the deadlines and costs of the project.

Turnkey projects

At ARQUIMEA, we design and manufacture state-of-the-art scientific instruments for astrophysics research centres, observatories and scientific facilities around the world.

We work closely with the scientific community to understand their needs and contribute to the further exploration of the universe through accurate and reliable technology.

Our expertise and capabilities focus on the design, manufacture, integration and testing of electromechanical instruments. From complex structures with materials such as titanium, to advanced complete systems.

Each scientific instrument and element is developed to the highest quality standards to ensure exceptional results.

Electromechanical elements and components

We have decades of experience in the design, manufacture, integration and testing of high-performance electromechanical components.

We put our knowledge and capabilities at the service of researchers, research centres and universities to build electromechanical elements and components with the highest precision and quality.

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