ARQUIMEA Research Center

In 2020 we founded ARQUIMEA Research Center, a center where senior and junior researchers from around the world develop disruptive technologies and their associated business models that serve as a driver of socio-economic growth in the medium and long term.


ARQUIMEA creates its research center

In 2020 ARQUIMEA creates ARQUIMEA Research Center with the goal of developing projects with high technological value that will be a driving force for socio-economic growth in the medium and long term.

A center where we develop disruptive technologies, through basic and advanced research, going beyond the state-of-the-art with a product-oriented approach.

ARQUIMEA Research Center stands out for its work on differential and high-impact projects, as well as for being a technology accelerator.


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Our strategy

How do we do it?

01. Convergence of exponential technologies

Our projects emerge from the convergence of exponential technologies such as quantum, artificial intelligence, robotics and biotechnology. This multidisciplinarity facilitates innovation processes and develops integrated solutions from different perspectives. This is what we have called our “Research Orbitals”.

02. High impact

Our projects seek to generate a high impact on major markets and future global challenges. The continuous review of the disruption level of our projects is critical to ensure a continuous exploration and renewal of the projects implemented.

03. The best research groups

We identify the best research groups for each specific field in all our projects and collaborate with them through subcontracting and collaboration agreements.

Research Orbitals

We orbit around technology

The Research Orbitals are the research areas we are currently working on in our more than 20 projects, and they arise from the confluence of various deep tech.

Our researchers

Our team

ARQUIMEA Research Center would not be possible without its team: experts in deep tech technologies with experience in cutting-edge research projects, implemented in international reference centres.

This year we expect to be more than 90 people. We continue to search for transversal professionals with experience in technology transfer or startups, who are passionate about innovation, curious, creative, team-oriented and efficient.

PhD Students
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They accompany us

Our partners

Since 2020, on the path of research, development, and innovation, we have been well accompanied by leading technology centers, universities, and research entities in different sectors.

Where we are

We are in the Canary Islands

We are located in the Canary Islands, a meeting point between Europe, Africa and America, and world-renowned for its natural attractions, climate and quality of life.

In recent years, the Canary Islands has positioned itself as a technological hub, attracting high-tech companies from all over the world due to its incentives for R&D&I and its geographical surroundings, which enable research in fields such as marine technologies, the observation and study of space and renewable energies, among others.

In addition to this, there is an enormous educational offer, with two first-class public universities in the archipelago such as the University of La Laguna and the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, as well as other leading organisations such as the Astrophysics Institute of Canary Islands (IAC), ITER (Institute of Technology and Renewable Energies), ITC (Institute of Technology of the Canary Islands) and PLOCAN (Oceanic Platform of the Canary Islands).

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