Passion for technology

We are a tech company.
Since 2005 we have been responding to the challenges and problems of our society through technology.
We always deliver.
We provide innovative solutions to high-demanding sectors.
We believe in Research and Development.
We allocate most of our profits to R&D.
We keep looking for new and exciting challenges.
We are currently working on exciting opportunities that will change the world.
At ARQUIMEA we all share a true passion for technology.
If you want to join our team you must: “Think Big, Do the Job and Enjoy Life”.
Think Big. Do the job. Enjoy life.
We are R&DWe carry R&D in our DNA

In ARQUIMEA we are firmly convinced that technology is the key to progress. We invest most of our annual profit in the developing of new products and services that will help our clients. In addition, our corporate research center, ARQUIMEA Research Center, works on disruptive technologies that will change the world.