Space & Hi-Rel
More than 15 years developing cutting-edge technology for outer space.
Geo & Ind
Innovative and safe solutions for underground and industrial ecosystems.
Products & Services
Our products and services respond to the needs of the most demanding clients.
Our passion for technology always follows our passion for people.

We are a high-tech global corporation

ARQUIMEA specializes in the design, development and commercialization of products and services based on the most innovative technologies. We provide cutting-edge solutions geared towards customer success.

ARQUIMEA develops electronic, microelectronic and electromechanical parts and systems, including smart actuators and mechanisms, integrated circuits, sensors and measurement equipment, robotics and process automation.

We rely on R&D, a product-oriented strategy, market diversification and internationalization to achieve a sustainable growth. Our highly skilled and motivated professionals provide solutions beyond the state of the art.

Our products are suitable for markets and sectors demanding innovation, quality, high performance and reliability, such as Space, Defence & Security, Aeronautics, Nuclear and Renewable Energy, Telecommunications, Industry or Geoengineering.




ARQUIMEA’s REACTs have successfully operated on board the ESAIL satellite

ARQUIMEA has successfully completed the PRE2POS project

ARQUIMEA will participate in the project EFESOS, part of the Horizon 2020 Programme funded by the European Commission


Space & Hi-Rel

ARQUIMEA provides innovative and reliable hardware and engineering services with high added value and based on cutting-edge technologies free of export restrictions such as ITAR or EAR.

Space & Hi-Rel

ARQUIMEA specializes in parts and systems for Space and Hi-Rel applications, including microelectronics, mechanisms, electronics and robotics. We provide innovative and reliable products and services with high added value, based on cutting-edge technologies and free of export restrictions such as ITAR/EAR.

Industrial & Geoengineering

ARQUIMEA provides bespoke systems and equipment for automation of industrial processes and underground monitorization. Our solutions include sensors, autonomous vehicles, robots and drone-based applications.

Industrial & Geoengineering

ARQUIMEA provides bespoke systems and equipment for process automatization and optimization. Our solutions include sensors and sensing systems, autonomous and semiautonomous terrestrial vehicles, robots and drone-based applications.