ARQUIMEA and SpeQtral announce strategic MOU to advance quantum secure solutions and satellite technologies

March 21, 2024

Washington, 20 March 2024. ARQUIMEA, a leading space technology provider, and SpeQtral, a pioneer in quantum communications solutions, have officially joined forces through a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). The collaborative efforts encompass the exploration of potential quantum secure solutions compatible with the BeetleSat Constellation, and the exploration of joint business opportunities in Europe and the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region. Notably, the investigation of intercontinental QKD services.

Capitalising on their synergies, the companies will explore the integration of SpeQtral’s space-based QKD solution and ARQUIMEA’s Post-Quantum Cryptography technology to fortify BeetleSat’s point-to-point communication with quantum security and thus enable compatibility with Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) applications for ARQUIMEA’s high-throughput smallsat platform. This adaptable platform not only opens the potential for a new product line at ARQUIMEA, but also creates another platform partner for SpeQtral to support sovereign missions. It further addresses the growing demand for bespoke QKD satellites for customers looking to acquire advanced quantum secure communication capabilities. Both parties will explore business opportunities in Europe and the APAC region, including the promotion of dedicated space missions to validate such technologies in orbit.

Reflecting on this significant collaboration, SpeQtral Co-Founder and CEO, Lum Chune Yang, expressed, “This collaboration between SpeQtral and Arquimea is another step forward in the advancement of quantum secure solutions and satellite technologies. QKD can keep the world’s communications safe from the quantum threat, but it is a complex technology to deploy, and this will only be achieved through working together with ambitious partners like ARQUIMEA”.

Additionally, ARQUIMEA Space Managing Director, Ferran Tejada, said, “We are delighted to enhance our product offering with SpeQtral’s leading quantum technology and join forces to expand our footprint in Europe and APAC. In addition, this partnership adds clear value to the QCIRCLE project, a European initiative led by ARQUIMEA to create a centre of excellence in quantum science in the Canary Islands”.