We carry R&D
and innovation
in our DNA.

At ARQUIMEA, we believe in technology as a driver for social development.
We carry R&D and innovation at the core of our DNA.

ARQUIMEA is a cross-sectoral international technology group that developes solutions and innovative products in highly-demanding activity sectors. We are committed to supporting research and scientific development that improve people’s lives.

ARQUIMEA bets on companies and projects that provide value to society, contributing to boosting high-impact solutions and products and to building our Vision.

Ready to take the leap?
Let us help you.

Our Mission

To be a technology ecosystem where ideas transform into disruptive solutions that boost the progress of the world.

We combine the diversified portfolio of technologies of our Companies with a niche-focused business strategy; these enables us to offer specialized services and products in multiple industries which are: space, defence and security, services for critica linfrastructures, and life science.

Our Values

To give an answer to
society’s needs
through technology.

We combine the diversified portfolio of technologies of our Companies with a niche-focused business strategy; these enablesus to offer specialized services and products in multiple industrieswhich are: space, defense and security, services for criticalinfrastructures, and life science.


Over 15 years’

In these 15 years, ARQUIMEA has grown in different activity sectors. We now work in areas as diverse as space and industry; healthcare and biotechnology; defence and security, or critical infrastructures. This growth has been possible thanks to the generation and development of ideas within the company, as well as to the addition of new projects and companies that share our same objectives and vision.

ARQUIMEA has now joined resources and capabilities to both boost and preserve its innovative nature through the creation of ARQUIMEA Research Center. A new private R&D center that “raises to the maximum power” the research capabilities of the business areas. By doing so, the center creates a multidisciplinary space to share technologies, ideas and projects.

OUR Highlights


Madrid – LEGATEC
Technology Park.
Global Headquarters


Tenerife – Nanotec
Technology Park.
Center Technology Hub


Frankfurt (Oder)
Central Europe Site


Los Angeles, CA
USA Site

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