We are experts in the development of semen analysis systems and products focused on improving semen quality and conservation. We also develop new technologies and biodegradable solutions focused on increasing the sustainability of farms.

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Technology and innovation for the farms and agriculture of the future

In the agrotech sector, we develop products and technological solutions for the optimization and sustainability of livestock and agricultural farms, operating in two main lines of activity: animal breeding and sustainable agriculture.

In our commitment to improve animal reproduction, we offer specialised products and systems to optimize each of its key stages. Using technologies such as robotics and artificial intelligence, we design automated semen analysis systems that improve the reliability and efficiency of the process, as well as perfecting the subsequent production of semen doses.

In addition, we offer a wide range of products focused on increasing semen quality, the storage of doses, the insemination process and all the materials you need for your laboratory.

In our quest for a more sustainable agriculture, we develop biosolutions with compounds of natural origin, based on microbial consortia, which are harmless and 100% biodegradable, avoiding damage to crops and agricultural soils.

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