Sustainable agriculture

Solutions for the conservation of the natural environment and the preservation of biodiversity in agricultural activities.

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100% biodegradable biosolutions for a more sustainable agriculture

In our pursuit of a more sustainable agriculture, we research and invest in the development of natural and 100% biodegradable products, which help to conserve the natural environment and preserve the biodiversity of the environment during agricultural activities.

We design biosolutions with compounds of natural origin, from harmless and 100% biodegradable microbial consortia, to reduce plant stress and ensure sustainable water management. The common goal of all our biosolutions is to avoid crop damage and the degradation of agricultural soils.

Our first product within the sustainable agriculture range is BIO1OO, a 100% biological algaecide, made from natural, chemical-free compounds, which has the capacity to eliminate and prevent algae that grow in reservoirs.

However, our commitment does not end with agriculture; we engage in various research projects to respond to the major challenges facing the farming and livestock sector. Our projects are focused on the recovery of natural ecosystems, through the biocontrol of plant pathogens; and the valorisation of farming and livestock waste, transforming waste into resources.

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