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At Kaudal we offer a tax lease service to help technology companies raise funds for their research, development and innovation projects by transferring their tax incentives to investors who want to contribute to boosting science and technology.

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We are leaders in Tax Lease

As a technology company, at ARQUIMEA we are aware of the difficulties that companies and entrepreneurs experiment to get financing and moving forward with their R&D&I projects, which is why we created Kaudal in 2016. Our goal is to promote Tax Lease, a financial instrument based on the tax incentives applicable to R&D, which attracts new private investment to the R&D ecosystem.

Since then, we have become leaders in this private financing channel and we keep working to support projects of companies that research in science and technology, promoting the development of new technologies and innovative products and their transfer to society.


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We work with companies of all sectors and sizes that have R&D projects and the technical capacity to develop them.

Our investors are socially responsible companies that want to boost sustainable projects with a positive impact on society, while obtaining a financial and fiscal benefit.

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