ARQUIMEA opens the 33rd European AI VETS Congress to show the possibilities of artificial intelligence applied to seminal analysis

October 11, 2023
  • ARQUIMEA presents to swine and bovine reproduction experts its latest technology to achieve a more accurate, fast and reliable semen analysis.
  • Pablo Fernández, veterinarian in charge of product development at ARQUIMEA, opens the plenary session by exploring the opportunities of artificial intelligence, how it can allow us to perfect the analysis process and how to apply it on a daily basis.
  • The technology company will perform live demonstrations of its analysis system for swine and cattle that already applies artificial intelligence: ISAS PRO. And its fluorescence technology system, characterized by its high level of automation: SQS2.


ARQUIMEA, from its agrotech area, attends the 33rd European Congress of AI VETS, a congress that gathers experts from the swine and bovine sector, specialized in animal reproduction.

The 33rd edition of AI Vets, which this year will take place from October 10 to 12 in Sint-Michielsgestel (The Netherlands), is organized every year by EFFAB, with the aim of promoting a meeting and exchange place for those involved in animal insemination.

This year ARQUIMEA had the honor of starting the opening plenary session with Pablo Fernandez, veterinarian in charge of product development at ARQUIMEA, who explored the opportunities of the application of artificial intelligence in seminal analysis to improve the accuracy and reliability of the results.

Pablo Fernandez also delved into best practices for perfecting the analysis process and how we can apply this technology on a day-to-day basis, through analysis systems that incorporate artificial intelligence in their software.

“Applying artificial intelligence will result in less influenced analysis. We will not be dependent on changes in lighting, colors, unexpected artifacts, etc. In addition, it will be able to be progressively improved as new images are used in training. Therefore, the results will be more accurate,” said Pablo Fernandez.

The technology company will also take advantage of the event to present its semen analysis system for pigs and cattle that already uses artificial intelligence: ISAS PRO. In addition, it will show its fluorescence technology system, SQS2, which stands out for its complete automation, allowing it to obtain more precise and, above all, faster results.

ARQUIMEA is positioned as a reference company in the development of innovative analysis systems, through its own technologies, for the optimization of the key stages of animal reproduction.