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Semen analysis system

About SQS2

Membrane quality semen analysis system

SQS2 is an automatic, integrated analysis system that evaluates sperm on membrane quality in less than one minute in three simple steps.

Through the use of fluorescence technology, the device combines speed, precision, ease of use and traceability to offer a fast, reliable and portable semen analysis tool.

It offers high reliability thanks to the integration of a fluorescence microscopy-based sperm counter with a high-resolution CMOS camera, a high-power blue LED and an advanced computer vision system.

Main features
Steps for the analysis
Sperm cells
<1 minute
Parameters analysed
What parameters are analysed?
Total number of sperm cells
Useful sperm cells and abnormal sperm cells
Semen agglutination
Recommended number of doses to be produced
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Learn more about the technical characteristics of SQS2 semen analysis system.

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