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Fluorescent staining kit

About SQS Red & Green

Staining kit for fluorescence microscopy without incubation

SQS Red & Green is a dual fluorescent vitality staining kit that allows differentiation between live and dead cells, as well as those with partial membrane damage. Red indicates dead spermatozoa and green indicates live spermatozoa. Those containing areas of two colors are considered dead because their membrane is partially damaged.

Unlike other kits on the market that can consume up to 15 minutes of sample preparation, SQS Red & Green provides immediate staining in just 5 seconds and without the need for incubation, allowing for greater agility and speed in the process.

It can be used in any equipment or microscopy that uses fluorescence technology, such as our SQS2 automatic analysis equipment. The kit consists of both fluorochrome tubes and slides with built-in counting chambers for up to 100 analyses.

Main features
Steps for the analysis
5 microliters
Quantity of sample
5 seconds
Time of staining


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