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We are looking for people with passion for technology

If you want to be part of innovative, cutting-edge and challenging engineering projects, this is the company for you. Here you will be able to participate in the development, testing and delivery of the product or solution to the customer.

You can also do your PhD while working with us. We are sure you will love our projects, our people and our culture.


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Students - Academic Internship Programme

Young Talent Program

If you are close to finish your training, ARQUIMEA has a program for the integration of students, which will help you to complete your studies by specializing in your area of knowledge.

We are looking for Bachelor or Master students, in different branches of knowledge: Engineering, Business Administration, Health Sciences, Legal, Marketing, Commerce, HR… with a high level of English, who are proactive, dynamic and eager to develop themselves in a technological environment.

Our academic internship program offers you the possibility to feel part of the ARQUIMEA team from the first day.


We are looking for these profiles


Do you have proven research experience or want to embark on a career in R&D? If you feel that your profile is transversal, that you could add value in a multidisciplinary environment and that you have the ability to work in a team with other researchers from different backgrounds and disciplines, ARQUIMEA is the place for you.

We have enough private funding to enable you to get your idea or research project off the ground and even lead it.

We are looking for open-minded researchers willing to work in a challenging and highly dynamic environment, where it is necessary to provide creative solutions to the problems that arise.


At ARQUIMEA you will be able to develop your professional career as an engineer, working in multidisciplinary teams in the development of very different and cutting-edge technological projects. We encourage the exchange of ideas and ongoing learning.

We have an outstanding team comprising engineers from different fields: mechanics, electronics, IT, microelectronics, systems, industrialization…

We continue to expand our search to tackle the challenges within our field, would you like to join us?


We operate manufacturing centers focused on the development of new technologies, the optimization of production processes, and the industrialization of key components and products for the science, space and aeronautics industries. We recruit both skilled professionals in the field of metallurgy as well as mechanical manufacturing production programmers, cnc operators, welders and mechanical assemblers. Do you want to work with us?


If you have a commercial and customer-oriented profile, we can offer you interesting professional development. We are looking for specialists in business development and sales, with knowledge of the markets in which we operate and who can accompany our clients in the search for solutions to solve their problems and needs. We offer innovative products and services in sectors as diverse as aerospace, defense, science, biotechnology and fintech. Do you want to be successful with us?

Corporate services

Our corporate services teams support all of the company’s business units and are a key component of the success and sustained growth of ARQUIMEA. We are looking for professionals with experience in the fields of marketing, finance, human resources, information systems or law. Do you want to advance in your professional career with us?


If you are passionate about technology and believe in its ability to transform the world, ARQUIMEA is the right place for you.

Join us!
Join us!