ARQUIMEA's Culture

ARQUIMEA is the sum of all the people who work here. We all shares some values while at work.


Do you want to know what we are like?

We invite you to get to know us through 3 statements that lie in the DNA of every one of us and describe how we do things.

“We put no limits on our imagination”

Think Big

We imagine the future without restrictions, thinking globally and eliminating complacency in our way of thinking and acting. Great ideas cannot emerge if we are not accustomed to asking big questions and coming up with bigger solutions. Creative and all-round activity requires that we have our sights set on worthwhile goals, on major challenges that drive and push us to respond to the challenges of today and tomorrow.

“We are committed to what we do because we believe in it”

Do the Job

It is not enough to have major objectives; in order to pursue them, one must be engaged and strive to attain them, fulfilling the essence of our work: research, develop and innovate. We eliminate from our day-to-day work everything that does not contribute to attaining our vision as a company. Only in this way can the work be performed with the quality, efficiency and attention to detail that it deserves, being the exact reflection of our commitment to everything we do.

“Our passion for technology stems from our passion for life and for people"

Enjoy Life

Our passion for technology stems from our passion for people. Wanting to create a better world is useless if we do not better the present, enjoying our lives every day, and our work as part of that life. Only in this way will we be able to offer society the result of our ideas and our work. The result of our efforts – the new technologies we develop – must serve to help society, to make life better for everyone and to give back to society what we have received from it.


If you are passionate about technology and believe in its ability to transform the world, ARQUIMEA is the right place for you.

Join us!
Join us!