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We provide clinical analysis services, genetic tests and epigenetic tests, aimed at prevention, to companies and individuals. In addition, we develop innovative products for the Consumer Health sector focused on self-care.

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Work on your body and participate in your well-being.

We believe that the key to health lies in prevention, which is why we dedicate part of our investment in science and technology to the development of products that contribute to prevention and the well-being of people. We work in three main lines of activity: genetic and epigenetic analysis, products for the consumer health sector and differential clinical analysis.

In our commitment to improve prevention and involve people in their health through self-care, we develop genetic and epigenetic tests for different medical specializations. Our tests enable the identification of the risk factors that each of us carry in our DNA, in order to act on them today, and to be able to prevent potential alterations or diseases in the future. In addition, we respond to today’s problems by performing differential clinical analyses, which enable us to identify existing health disorders.

Within the Consumer Health sector, we develop innovative products to promote a healthy lifestyle, with a focus on self-care solutions that can be found in pharmacies. Our first product in this line is an innovative anti-snacking lip balm, to encourage a more balanced diet.

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We transfer the research to society.

In addition, we strongly believe in the importance of scientific research to achieve our goals. Therefore, we invest with the aim of transferring this research to society, and we invest in different companies dedicated to the development of innovative therapies for various diseases or challenges facing society that are still unresolved. From a molecule to treat ALS to a vaccine to combat antibiotic resistance.

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