ARQUIMEA and the Sports Clubs of Alcobendas are aligned, through the City Council of Alcobendas and FUNDAL, to help athletes improve their performance and prevent possible injuries

April 8, 2024
  • ARQUIMEA’s Well_iD genetic tests allow us to identify the risk factors that each of us carry in our DNA, which gives us the possibility of being able to act on them today, in order to try to prevent possible alterations or diseases in the future.
  • FUNDAL supports the implementation of the “Health Week in Alcobendas”, which takes place from April 8 to 14, 2024, with the signing of this agreement.


Alcobendas, April 2, 2024. Thanks to the Alcobendas City Council, ARQUIMEA, Spanish technology which operates globally, has signed an agreement with the Alcobendas Sports Foundation (FUNDAL), in order to help athletes from all sports clubs in the city of Alcobendas to improve their health and sports performance, through prevention.The performance of Well_iD genetic tests will be voluntary and individual.

With the signing of this agreement, all clubs and their athletes will be able to benefit from special and exclusive prices for genetic testing, both for Sports Performance and Nutrition.

ARQUIMEA and FUNDAL promote this alliance within the “Health Week in Alcobendas”, which is celebrated for the first time in Alcobendas, since it is scientifically proven that physical activity and healthy lifestyle habits favor and improve our health.

In the words of Pablo Diego Alises, general manager of ARQUIMEA’s healthcare area,prevention is one of the most important pillars for health and, especially in sports; that is why we have developed our genetic tests, to help to identify possible risk factors and contribute to improve training and its benefits”.

The agreement was signed at the Alcobendas City Hall by Pablo Diego Alises, general manager of ARQUIMEA’s healthcare area, Vicente Hontangas, FUNDAL’s trustee, in the presence of Jesús Tortosa, sports councilor of the Alcobendas City Hall, who, from his experience as a professional athlete, highlighted the importance of self-care and prevention in the improvement of sports performance and health.

“Congratulations to both parties for taking this step. I think it is beneficial for both and above all it will be beneficial for the sport of the city and its athletes. As I come from high competition sport and I have experienced it in my own skin, I know how important it is to have all this data, which can help both in performance and in the prevention of injuries and in the prevention of possible health problems”, pointed Jesús Tortosa.