Well_iD Nutrition and digestive health


Genetic analysis reveals our body’s predisposition to digestive and endocrine system alterations. From diseases such as irritable bowel or intestinal reflux to food intolerances, microbial diversity, sensitivity to certain foods, or thyroid problems.

WHAT IS WELL_ID Nutrition and digestive health

Genetics allows us to personalize our diet.

Well_iD is a line of genetic tests developed by experts in genetics and bioinformatics. Well_iD can be used to complete the medical diagnosis by detecting the predisposition to develop certain health disorders with the aim of prolonging the time until their manifestation or even prevent them from appearing.

Well_iD Nutrition and Digestive Health analyzes more than 800,000 genes to evaluate a total of 59 SNPs (single nucleotide polymorphisms) related to traits associated with our digestive and endocrine system: endocrine and metabolic health, digestive health, absorption of vitamins and minerals, nutrigenetics and food intolerances. Knowing your predisposition to digestive and endocrine system alterations gives us the ability to act and prevent, adapting routines or foods to our bodies needs and thus improving our health and well-being.

Our lifestyle habits have the capacity and power to optimize our genetics. Well_iD Nutrition and Digestive Health is a tool that improves our self-knowledge so that health professionals can interpret the results and implement completely personalized eating habits according to your genetics.




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