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Innovative products to promote a healthy lifestyle, with a focus on self-care solutions that can be found in pharmacies.

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We promote healthy lifestyle habits

We develop innovative products to promote a healthier lifestyle, and always with a common goal in mind: self-care to prevent disease. We focus on solutions that enable people to take ownership of their health and which can be found in pharmacies.

We invest in science and new technologies in our day-to-day operations, committed to the maximum rigour and reliability of our products. This is why our Consumer Health solutions are patented and tested in clinical trials

Our first product within this line is a lip balm that helps you avoid snacking between meals using 100% natural ingredients. This innovative balm is designed to encourage a more balanced diet by reducing unhealthy snacking and controlling emotional hunger. 

Furthermore, we are committed to sustainable production in the development of our products, using environmentally friendly processes. Such is our commitment that Siluete, the anti-snacking lip balm, received the iDermo 2022 Bronze award for Best Sustainable Product.

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