Lip balm to avoid snacking between meals.

What is Siluete?

The first lip balm that helps to avoid snacking between meals.

Siluete is an innovative lip balm that helps to avoid snacking between meals thanks to a sensory distraction experience. Its 100% natural ingredients, made from plant extracts and essential oils, help to curb the urge to snack and reinforce the adoption of healthy eating habits.

Through the stimulation of taste, smell and touch, Siluete is able to influence the ability to resist impulses, such as the urge to snack between meals. It provokes a sensory distraction effect that is processed in the prefrontal cortex, a part of the brain that influences our behaviour.

Siluete is a patented product developed by nutritionists and dermatologically endorsed. Its efficacy has been proven in numerous clinical studies, in which users used the product freely at home in order to avoid snacking between meals.

Key features
2022 iDermo Award
Bronze Award in the category of Best Sustainable Product
Users who reduced snacking between meals.
For sale in pharmacies and on the web.
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