Genetic analysis that reveals our body’s predisposition to sport. Ranging from the sport and muscle profile to the risk of injury or adverse cardiovascular effects.

What is Well_iD Sport

How genetics can affect sports performance

Well_iD is a line of genetic tests developed by experts in genetics and bioinformatics. Well_iD can be used to complete the health professional’s diagnosis, detecting the predisposition to develop certain alterations with the aim of prolonging the time until their manifestation or even prevent them from appearing.

Well_iD Sport analyses a total of 50 SNPs (single nucleotide polymorphisms) related to traits associated with your sporting capacity: sports profile, muscle profile, risk of arrhythmias and cardiovascular events, risk of injury and joint inflammation.

Knowing your body’s genetic profile in relation to sport allows you to approach physical activity more effectively. It can prevent the onset of injuries as well as optimise athletic performance.

Our lifestyle habits have the capacity and power to optimise our genetics. Well_iD Sport is a tool that improves our self-awareness, so that the sports centre or personal trainer can interpret the results and implement fully personalised sports routines.

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