ARQUIMEA receives the iDermo ‘Best Lip Product’ award for Siluete, its innovative anti-snacking balm

June 28, 2023

The 10th edition of the iDermo 2023 Awards took place on 22 June at the La Pedrera auditorium in Barcelona. The awards ceremony brought together the best-known faces of the pharmaceutical industry: from opinion leaders to pharmacists and representatives of the most important laboratories in Spain.

The iDermo awards aim to recognise the Best Dermocosmetics and OTC products of the past year, acknowledging the strength and innovation of the pharmaceutical sector. In this tenth edition, 27 categories were awarded and there was a record number of participation with more than 28,000 voters, from consumers to pharmacists and influencers in the sector.

Siluete is awarded at the iDermo 2023 Awards | ARQUIMEA

Siluete Healthy Balm: Bronze award in the category ‘Best Lip Product’

ARQUIMEA participated for the second consecutive year in these awards with Siluete, its lip balm that helps to avoid snacking. This product from its Consumer Health line won the Bronze Award for Best Lip Product thanks to its innovative mode of action: the first lip product on the market that, through topical application, manages to generate a distraction effect to reinforce our desire not to snack between meals and to maintain a healthier diet.

“In Spain there are only substitute products in other formats such as pills, teas or slimming syrups that require the ingestion of compounds and take a long time to act. Siluete, on the other hand, has an immediate effect and is not only convenient and practical to carry, but its formula and application means that the user can apply it at will without any side effects, being able to adapt the frequency and quantity to the specific needs of each person,” said Guiomar González, head of marketing and communication at ARQUIMEA Healthcare.

Siluete is awarded at the idermo 2023 Awards | ARQUIMEA

Siluete: a patented product developed by nutritionists

Siluete is composed of 5 sensory stimulant ingredients responsible for its anti-snacking capacity: Sichuan pepper, capsicum frutescens, spilanthes acmella, menthol and eucalyptus. An ideal combination of ingredients capable of producing a sensory distraction effect. Through the stimulation of taste, smell and touch, a deterrent effect is produced and processed in the prefrontal cortex, a part of the brain that influences in our behaviour.

This recognition represents the efforts of the entire ARQUIMEA Healthcare family, its scientific and research spirit for the development of innovative products that help to improve people’s health through prevention.