Genetic and epigenetic tests

We identify the risk factors that each of us carry in our DNA, in order to act on them today and to be able to prevent potential alterations or diseases in the future.

genetic studies

We act today to improve tomorrow’s health

In our commitment to prevention, we develop genetic and epigenetic tests for different medical specialisations and health fields. Our tests can detect certain health alterations, which are embedded in our DNA, so that we can try to prolong the time until their manifestation or even prevent them from appearing.

In the field of genetics, we offer tests focused on people’s well-being and on enhancing certain areas of their health. Always hand in hand with professionals from different medical specialisations, we help to improve the diagnosis and offer a fully customised treatment to patients.

In the field of aesthetic medicine, we have developed a genetic test for the skin that reveals the genetic predisposition to premature ageing. For the digestive and endocrine system, we offer a comprehensive genetic study where we analyse everything from thyroid problems to food intolerances, digestive diseases or vitamin absorption. In addition, we help to promote people’s day-to-day passions, such as sport. For this purpose, we have a genetic test that allows us to discover the athletic and muscular profile, as well as the risk of injury or adverse cardiovascular effects.

In the field of epigenetics, we develop innovative tests to improve disease monitoring and effective treatment planning. In this field, in collaboration with traumatologists, we analyse epigenetic mechanisms that allow us to evaluate the progression of adolescent idiopathic scoliosis, a multifactorial disease in which both the individual’s genetics and epigenetics contribute to the onset and progression of scoliosis.

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