El Mundo honours ARQUIMEA in the 100 Best Ideas of the Year awards for Siluete, the anti-snacking lip balm

June 2, 2023

On 31 May ARQUIMEA received an award in the ‘Food and Lifestyle’ category for its idea Siluete Healthy Balm, the innovative balm that helps to avoid snacking between meals. An award that represents the efforts of the entire ARQUIMEA Healthcare family, as well as its scientific and research spirit for the development of innovative products that help to improve people’s health through prevention.

Awarded by a professional jury, the 100 Best Ideas of the Year awards gala was held at The Beatriz Madrid, where the most innovative initiatives in each sector were recognised for their originality and generation of wealth for Spain.

The awards, promoted by the Actualidad Económica supplement of El Mundo, were organised with the collaboration of CaixaBank and were presided over by Joaquín Manso, director of El Mundo, and Sergio Cobos, general manager of Advertising at Unidad Editorial.

Award to Siluete Healthy Balm as best ‘Food & Lifestyle’ idea

ARQUIMEA’s health and wellness area was awarded in the ‘Food and Lifestyle’ category for its innovative product Siluete, a balm that encourages a more balanced diet by reducing unhealthy snacking and controlling emotional hunger.

‘The topical use of a lip balm is enough to combat the instinctive urge to snack between meals. Siluete Healthy Balm manages, through sensory distraction, to curb the urge to snack thanks to its intense menthol aroma and the tingling sensation it produces in the mouth. This, in turn, generates an experience in the consumer that is processed in the brain, tricks the sense of smell and taste and provokes a placebo effect that manages to curb the appetite.’ El Mundo.

Siluete: an innovative balm to help reduce snacking between meals

Siluete Healthy Balm is the first lip product on the market that, through a topical application, manages to generate a distraction effect to reinforce our desire not to snack between meals and to maintain a healthier diet. In Spain there are only substitute products in other formats such as tablets, teas or slimming syrups that require the ingestion of compounds and take a long time to work. On the other hand, Siluete has an immediate effect and is not only convenient and practical to take everywhere, but its formula and application means that the user can apply it at will without any side effects, being able to adapt the frequency and quantity to their specific needs.

ARQUIMEA, a technology company specialising in projects that contribute to the progress and well-being of society, has developed this innovative balm for all those who are concerned about their weight, who are on a diet, who want to become a ‘fitness’ person or simply to moderate those emotional hunger impulses, such as anxiety, stress or boredom.