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Semen analysis system

About ISAS

Robotised semen motility and morphology analysis system

ISAS PRO is a robotised system that automatically analyses semen quality, simultaneously assessing motility, morphology and concentration. The robotic nature of the equipment eliminates human error and increases the objectivity of the results.

Using CASA technology, the device analyses the sample in only 10 seconds through an Artificial Intelligence learning system, enabling other tasks to be performed in the background, thus improving the efficiency of the analysis process.

All the results obtained will generate customised reports with all the necessary parameters to determine the quality of the sperm sample, as well as the recommended quantity of doses to be produced. In addition, the software stores the images and results obtained in previous analyses in your own database.

Main features
Steps for the análisis
10 seconds
Analysis time
Analysis technology

Parameters analysed

What parameters are analysed?
Total number of sperm cells
Progressive movement
Cell morphology
Useful sperm cells
Recommended number of doses to be produced
Volume of extender to be added
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