Long-acting boar semen preservative


Extender for boar semen

ACROMAX PLUS is an extender for boar semen that protects the structure of the sperm membrane after dilution, facilitating the transport of semen and enhancing the fertilising capacity of sperm cells. With an action of more than 7 days, ACROMAX PLUS enables optimum conservation over long periods of time and high performance.

It acts directly on the sperm cells, providing greater movement capacity to the cells during the conservation time. Once introduced into the sow, it has a positive effect on semen transport and enhances the fertilising capacity of sperm cells.

Main features
+7 days
Preservation period
Different formats
Available in 1, 5, 25, 50 and 100 litre formats
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Learn more about the technical characteristics of ACROMAX boar semen extender.

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