ARQUIMEA launches AQUAPURE LAB, a type II water purification system, in the Latin American market

June 11, 2024
  • AQUAPURE LAB is a purification equipment designed for the production of analytical grade type II pure water, the most widely used reagent in laboratories.
  • Thanks to its reverse osmosis filtration, this system is capable of producing up to 32 liters per hour, minimizing costs and the risk of laboratory stock-outs.
  • The application of type II water ranges from the production of seminal doses to the preparation of culture media or the cleaning of laboratory equipment.


ARQUIMEA, from its biotechnology area, has launched AQUAPURE LAB, a reverse osmosis water purification system for the production of pure water type II, recommended for most analytical and general laboratory tests.

The resulting water produced meets the standards of the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), the most internationally recognized institution dedicated to establishing guide values for water quality.


Advantages of AQUAPURE LAB compared to traditional systems: independence, biosafety and cost savings

From public drinking water, AQUAPURE LAB is capable of producing up to 32 liters of type II water per hour. This allows a greater degree of independence of the centers from external suppliers or resources such as bottled water.

In addition, it has an optional stainless steel storage with a capacity of up to 200 liters and a UV sterilization system, so you always have purified water of the highest quality and microbiologically safe at the place where it will be used, avoiding the risk of stock breakage.

AQUAPURE LAB thus contributes to the biosafety of both the environment for the preparation of seminal doses and the doses themselves. By not introducing external agents into the laboratory whenever water consumption is necessary, the centers allow to keep the working environment free of contagion and contamination, prioritizing the quality of the water produced.

Self-production of pure water also means great cost savings per liter, which is especially important for facilities that have a high demand for water. In addition, the storage of bottled water involves space and money. AQUAPURE LAB saves both, avoiding logistical processes and inventory systems.


Highest quality and monitoring through four purification stages

Thanks to an activated carbon, reverse osmosis and resin filtration system, AQUAPURE LAB achieves distilled water of the highest quality through four purification stages: pretreatment, hyperfiltration of the water by reverse osmosis, deionization and disinfection by ultraviolet radiation at 254 nm.

In this last stage, the equipment is equipped with an ultraviolet radiation sterilization lamp that destroys all types of viruses and bacteria, which is a guarantee for use during the production of seminal doses, preparation of culture media or cleaning of laboratory material.

In addition, it has five sensors and different alarm systems that allow constant monitoring of the quality of the type II water produced, measuring its conductivity in μS with a sensitivity of ± 0.1 μS/cm.

Although the equipment is factory calibrated with a standard traceable to international conductivity standards, it can be recalibrated as many times as required by the user’s Quality Protocol.

With this launch, ARQUIMEA reinforces its commitment to improve process reliability and efficiency, in addition to contributing to the sustainable management of water and resources for the preservation of the natural environment.