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Produce your own distilled water type II

The AQUAPURE LAB system has been designed for the production of distilled water type II (ASTM), recommended for most analytical and general laboratory tests, from public drinking water. Its applications range from the production of seminal doses to the preparation of culture media or cleaning of laboratory material.

Through a reverse osmosis pump, it is capable of producing up to 32 liters of type II water per hour. It has a storage (optional) with a capacity of up to 200 liters. In addition, it has sensors and alarm systems that allow constant monitoring of each of the purification stages.

It achieves high reliability thanks to its four purification stages. In its last stage, it has an ultraviolet radiation sterilization lamp that destroys all types of viruses and bacteria, which is a guarantee for its use during the production of seminal doses, preparation of culture media or cleaning of laboratory material.

Main features
± 0,1 μS/cm
Up to 32L/h
Filtration capacity (also available 16L/h and 8L/h)
Up to 200L
Storage capacity (also available 50L and 100L)
Four purification stages

How to obtain top quality distilled water?

1. Water pretreatment
2. Reverse Osmosis hyperfiltration
3. Deionization
4. Disinfection by Ultraviolet Radiation at 254 nm
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