Q Orbital: photonics, electronics and quantum technologies

We want to provide solutions to challenges as diverse as climate change, large-scale migrations or economic risks, as well as threats arising from mobility, health, distribution, education, entertainment or advertising through the use of photonics, advanced electronics and new quantum technologies.

photonics technology

We provide solutions to great challenges through photonics.

We work on several projects in which we develop, from high-bandwidth next-generation communication systems for inter-satellite links based on photonics; to co-processing architectures using photonics technology to accelerate AI routines. Our goal is to create miniaturized versions of photonic systems on chip-scale devices.

advanced electronics

Research in new technologies through the use of advanced electronics.

Our research in advanced electronics is focused, on the one hand, on the application of a multimodal approach, which combines biopotentials with new optical spectroscopy techniques, in order to achieve man-machine transparency. We are working to enable real-time decoding of brain activity.

On the other hand, we also develop of state-of-the-art compact, high-performance optical inertial sensors designed to respond to the most demanding applications (autonomous navigation, positioning). Our goal is to push optical inertial sensors to their limits.

quantum technologies

New applications of quantum technologies.

We research into new solutions to adapt classical cryptography technology to be resistant to classical and quantum attacks (post-quantum cryptography), especially focused on embedded systems and the IoT. We work on the security of the future and its potential problems under the threats of quantum computing. 

We also research on the potential applications of quantum sensing using magnetometer sensors based on spin systems (nitrogen-vacancy centers in diamond and silicon carbide). We want to bring the basic science derived from quantum sensing from the laboratory into our daily lives.


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