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Since 2020, on the path of research, development and innovation, we have been well accompanied by the best researches, technology centres, universities and leading research entities in different sectors.


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ARQUIMEA Research Center would not be possible without its team: experts in deep tech technologies with experience in cutting-edge research projects, developed in international reference centres.

This year we expect to have more than 90 people. We are still looking for transversal professionals with experience in technology transfer or in startups, who are passionate about innovation, curious, creative, with team spirit and who value efficiency.

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We are in the Canary Islands

ARQUIMEA Research Center is located in the Canary Islands, a meeting point between Europe, Africa and America, and recognised worldwide for its natural attractions, climate and quality of life.
In recent years, the Canary Islands have positioned themselves as a benchmark technological hub, attracting highly technological companies from all over the world due to their incentives for R&D&I and their geographical environment, which allows research in areas such as biotechnology, Artificial Intelligence, the observation and study of space and renewable energies, among others.

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Since 2020, on the path of research, development, and innovation, we have been well accompanied by leading technology centers, universities, and research entities in different sectors.

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