ARQUIMEA and the University of Malaga sign a Research Transfer contract to explore new microbial functionalities in extremophilic environments

July 9, 2024

San Cristóbal de La Laguna, July 2024 

ARQUIMEA Research Center, the private non-profit research center of the Spanish technology company ARQUIMEA, has reached an agreement with the Bioinformatics Service of Malaga (SCBI, belonging to the University of Malaga) to carry out a project that will allow the identification of proteins with new functions derived from the genomic study of bacterial populations in extremophilic environments. 

This collaboration will allow ARQUIMEA Research Center team to work with the Picasso supercomputer, the most powerful computer in Andalucía, which has nine modules of more than two meters that perform calculations impossible to be carried out on a desktop computer and which is visited by researchers from all over Spain and abroad. Specifically, Picasso specializes in computational techniques to solve biological problems. 

This agreement represents an outstanding example of public-private collaboration, combining the resources and knowledge of an academic institution such as the University of Malaga, with the innovative purpose of ARQUIMEA, developed through its research center, with which it aspires to transfer solutions for society through the most cutting-edge technologies. Both entities reaffirm their commitment with the transfer of knowledge and the promotion of applied research, to generate a positive impact.