Optical payloads for space applications

ARQUIMEA incorporates top Imaging and Camera Acquisition and Processing systems with over 20 years of flight heritage from Ecliptic, a space avionics and sensor company located in Pasadena, CA, USA.

About our optical payloads

+20 years of flight heritage

All imaging and camera systems are modular or slice-based which enable reuse of proven existing modules with extensive flight heritage providing interchangeable configurations of sensors, with a single or multiple cameras, a variety of interfaces with the host and multiple processing features.

Our space imaging and camera systems have participated in all relevant space programs from the Shuttle, the International Space Station, to Artemis (the largest NASA program that will bring humans back to the Moon) with over 75 successful missions.

Past missions include launchers and spacecrafts for LEO, MEO, GEO, cislunar and lunar orbits and other exploration vehicles.

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