Mechanical Engineering

Our team of mechanical engineers combined with our design capabilities and cutting-edge machinery allow us to turn any idea into reality.

Our mechanical engineering capabilities

We achieve maximum optimization of time and resources in all our processes.

Our mechanical engineers work in all sectors of the company, contributing their knowledge and experience to achieve maximum process optimization and the best results in any of the areas in which we operate. Our know-how and infrastructures allow us to design and create our products from scratch. We combine hardware and software from the initial phases of conception and design, we make prototypes, and we supervise the industrialization, testing and qualification phases.

We are constantly improving our processes and tools and researching new materials and technologies to make things better.

Many of our mechanical engineering solutions are designed for the space sector and are found on board satellites and platforms, but also for the defense, aeronautics and biotechnology sectors.

Our mechanical engineering resources.

R&D Laboratory
Advanced measuring equipment, clean rooms and climatic chambers.
Multidisciplinary team
Engineers with extensive experience in space and technicians in instrument and flight equipment manufacturing.
+ 17 years
Dedicated to mechanical engineering.
100% Present
In all phases of our business development.

Our experience in mechanical engineering

More than 17 years dedicated to mechanical engineering.

ARQUIMEA has its own manufacturing capabilities (from tooling to high precision mechanisms), clean room integration, vacuum thermal testing of mechanisms for space and specific software licenses for mechanical design and analysis.

Our in-depth knowledge of mechanics has allowed us to carry out large projects. In 2009 we signed our first contract with ESA for the development of SMA-based actuators and mechanisms (HDRM). Since then we have not stopped growing and have expanded our product range from space to complete solutions for solar panel deployment and control systems growing in customers every year.

We are experts and European leaders in the design, manufacture and commercialization of mechanisms and actuators for the release and deployment (HDRM) of elements such as antennas or scientific instruments on satellites.

Mechanical engineering certifications.

EN 9100
Aerospace management systems standard.
Certification process for PECAL standars.
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