Sensorics and control

ARQUIMEA is specialized in the integration and control of inertial, optical, chemical and mechanical sensors.

About our sensors and control systems

We develop our algorithms with Aritifical Intelligence to achieve maximum precision.

We are able to design and develop our own sensors and sensorized systems, as well as advanced control systems and algorithms capable of performing precise actuations based on the collected data. We have experience in the design and production of sensors, including humidity sensors, chemical sensors and fiber optic based gyroscopes. Our scope of application includes the integration and control of inertial, optical, chemical and mechanical sensors.

Our resources in sensorics and control

R&D Laboratory
Advanced measuring equipment, clean rooms and climatic chambers.
Multidisciplinary team
Industrial, electronic and telecommunication engineers with extensive experience in sensors and control systems.
Maximum precision
We apply Artificial Intelligence in our sensor developments.

Relevant developments in sensorics and control

Robotic projects with all types of sensors and a wide variety of applciations

Some of our relevant projects include a drone autopilot with control capabilities for various types of platforms and drone swarms, as well as robotic projects with all types of sensors, such as a moisture for deep geological storage.

We have also developed a MEMS-based sensorized probe for measuring deviations in blasting holes in interior mining and sensors for measuring different water quality parameters. We have also developed a mortars poiting system based on fusion of magnetic, inertial and optical sensors including image analysis through artificial intelligence (eCOMPASS).

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