Precision machining and mechanowelding

ARQUIMEA designs and manufactures mechanical and electromechanical equipment.

About precision machining and mechanowelding

More than five decades of experience in the manufacture and assembly

We have the capacity to supply parts, components and spare parts for a wide range of sectors, adapting to the specificities defined by each costumer. In addition, we have the capacity to manufacture structural and thin sheet metal assemblies (slings, bedplates, transport carts, fittings, etc.)

Our resources include computer-aided design, engineering and manufacturing, machining centers (5,4 and 3+2 axes), lathes (penetration, wire and deep hole drilling, welding machinery, load testing area and a metrology laboratory containing, among others, coordinate measuring machines, measuring arm, laser scanner, hardness testers, roughness testers, etc.

However, to achieve this level of specialization, machinery alone is not enough. In our case, we have more than five decades of experience that allow us to undertake projects of great responsibility, such as flight assemblies for aeronautical turbines, machining and turning centers, electro-erosion (penetration and wire) and grinding machines (tangential and cylindrical).

Key figures of Precision machining and mechanowelding

+ 25.000
different references since 1958
different references per year.

High level of expertise in precision machining

Our procedures, personnel and inspectors are certified.

For each of the welded structures and fabricated parts, a technical data sheet is prepared and subjected to a process control, issuing inspection and conformity certificates.

Our procedures, welding personnel and inspectors are approved by CESOL “Asociación Española de Soldadura y Tecnologías de Unión”, LORTEK-IK4 and SOLySOL. Regarding to precision machining, we certify with reports the customer’s specifications regarding dimensions, geometries and surface finishes.

Certifications of Precision machining and mechanowelding

ISO 9001
Quality control and quality management.
EN 9100
Aerospace management system standards.
ISO 14001
Standards to reduce environmental impact.
ISO 3834-2
Quality requirement for fusion welding of metallic materials.
NATO International Quality Standards.
Non Destructive Testing and Visual
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