Environmental and radiation tests

We have been supervising our environmental and radiation testing of components since 2009, when the first projects with the European Space Agency were launched.

Environmental and radiation tests space products

We develop qualifications of our products for their correct operation in the space environment

Characterizinf our own integrated circuits is an essential activity for ARQUIMEA. The tests we perform allow us to ensure the correct operation of these circuits in the space environment based on European and American standards (ECSS, MIL).

Our catalog of environmental tests included temperature test, thermal vacuum test, vibration test and radiation test.

About environmental and radiation tests

We build test systems based on electronic boards and software

All our products go through a rigorous inspection and testing process. That is why we perform different types of environmental and radiation tests.

In ARQUIMEA we have thermal chambers in which we perform temperature tests of our products. In the case of radiation tests, we perform three different types of tests: total dose, heavy ions and protons. All this is carried out in leading facilities in Europe and the United States.

We also perform thermal vacuum (TVC) and vibration tests of our thermo-mechanical systems. We have a thermal vacuum chamber in our Torrejón facilities, located in a class 7 clean room.

Figures and resources of Environmental and radiation tests

Own clean rooms: ISO class 8, ISO class 7, thermal vacuum chamber and thermal chamber.
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