Electronics and sensorization

Electronics is a transversal capacity of ARQUIMEA, it is present in our internal processes, as well as in the products and solutions we commercialize.

About electronics and sensorization

We cover all areas of hardware development

Our electronics and sensing capabilities enable us to cover the three usual branches of hardware development: digital, analog, and power electronics.

Thanks to this, in ARQUIMEA we make high-level designs of electronic systems or schematics of printed cards that, also, include the layout of the same.

Electronic modules and boards are also a constituent part of many of our products and are included in both final equipment and validation support equipment (known as EGSE or “Electrical Ground Support Equipment“) applied in sectors such as defense or space.

Fields of action of electronics and sensorization

We develop complete electronic systems

At ARQUIMEA we develop complete electronic systems for the validation of our mechanical and microelectronic products. Several of these systems are sold directly to customers, as is the case of the RECU product: an electronic control unit for REACTs (Reprogrammable Retention and Release Actuator) for space applications. These same electronic systems have been part of the development of most of our defense products to date (EIMOS, SHEPHERD, QSLAM, MCOUNTER, and ECOMPASS).

In the area of sensorization, since 2017 we have been a recurring supplier of large customers in the area of deep geological storage of radioactive waste. Likewise, we have also carried out the sensorization of large scientific facilities such as the Yebes radio telescope in Guadalajara for the National Geographic Institute.

As an internal support area, the electronics group is responsible for the validation, homologation, and testing the integrated circuits implemented in the electronics area. It also assists in the development of test environments for mechanisms and systems.

Electronics and sensorization highlights

+ 60 projects
European projects and external services both in space and defense missions, with clients such as EXPAL, ESA, ANDRA and IRSN.
EN 9100
Aerospace management systems standard.
Certification process for PECAL standards.

Electronics and sensing resources

Electronic equipment

Electronic laboratory equipment for component and system validation. Own setup designed for the characterization of integrated circuits in radiation environments, which has been updated and improved over the last ten years.

Electronic laboratory

Electronic laboratory with ten stations dedicated to the testing of electronic cards. Thermal chamber for high and low-temperature tests.


Specific software licenses for the design, simulation, and layout of electronic boards.

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