Clean room manufacturing and packaging

For over 20 years we have been offering clean room manufacturing and packaging capabilities for solid and powdered compounds for use in the pharmaceutical, food and animal breeding industries.

About our capabilities of our cleanrooms

Controlled environment of humidity, temperature, pressure, airflow, and particulate matter.

Our clean rooms have the capacity to create and mix solid and powder compounds in a homogeneous, repeatable, reproducible, and scalable way in a low contamination controlled environment and easy to clean.

We have a produccing capacity up to 500 kilos of product per manufacturing batch and a packaging one in different formats, from a few grams of sachets in bovine to 50 kilos of drums. Although, our principal differentiation is that we can customize and personalize the final product according to the client’s specific needs.

ARQUIMEA’s clean rooms are controlled by a professional team with wide experience in handling this type of compound. Our facilities include the sifter, the 500-liter capacity Bicone rotary drum mixer, and the packaging machine.

Applications of our clean room

Production of semen extenders used for animal reproduction worldwide.

At ARQUIMEA, we have been using our clean room capabilities for more than two decades for the production of boar semen diluents used for animal reproduction all over the world. We work to guarantee homogeneity, lack of contamination, and an essential impermeable seal to ensure the final product’s success.

Thanks to our years of experience, we have managed to reformulate different diluents, in which we have replaced the antibiotics traditionally present with compounds that do not generate resistance, such as antimicrobial peptides.

Other products that are usually manufactured in our clean rooms are sperm promoters for animals, composed of minerals and trace elements that need to be present in very specific concentrations and in a homogeneous way.

Our resources invested in cleanrooms

+20 years
Experience with these technologies.
Customized products for our customers.
+500 kg
Of product produced for each production batch.
900 Bags / hours
In packaging capacity.

National and international agreements

Collaborations with universities and research centers around the world

Our experience in this type of compound has led us to establish relationships and agreements with institutions from various national and international fields.
Among them, agreements with large research centers, such as CSIC or the National Institute for Agricultural Research, as well as with centers such as the Complutense University of Madrid, the Autonomous University of Madrid, or the University of Murcia, stand out.
At the international level, we collaborate with the Universities of Gifu in Japan, Mahidol University in Thailand, the Universities of Yangzhou, National Agricultural and South Agricultural in China, and with the Universities of Missouri and Purdue in the United States.

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