In ARQUIMEA we cover all the processes related to the creation of drones in any type of model and capacity.

About our drone expertise

More than a decade of experience in drone design and production

We take care of the design, manufacture, assembly and production of different sizes and capacities; both fixed wing and rotary wing. We cover from aerodynamic and structural characteristics to selection, payload design, electronic and mechanical integration. We also have an autopilot of our own creation with which we can customize the system in an agile way to the customer’s requirements.

Our 12 years of experience in this sector have allowed us to produce, from start to finish and successfully, different models of drones and guided aerial platforms, as well as to participate in large national and international consortiums, including Shepherd, X-Copter, CALIBREX, PROMETEO, LABYRINTH or gPARAFOIL

Multiple applications

We have been serving airports for five years, reducing "Bird Strikes" to zero.

Our drones are used for surveillance and avian control applications in airports, open sky mining, airport radio aid calibration, transport of humanitarian material in hard-to-reach disaster areas and forest firefighting.

Dron manufacturing highlights

+12 years
Experience in the sector.
+5 years
Continued service at airports with the Shepherd.
Zero accidents.
We have reduced "Bird Strikes" in airplanes to zero.
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