Treatment of agricultural waste.

Agricultural sustainability

At ARQUIMEA Agrotech we are committed to hydrothermal carbonisation technology (HTC) for the treatment of agricultural waste and its subsequent valorisation as a renewable fuel or for improving soil.

  • 84M m3 of slurry is generated annually in Spain
  • 15 times more slurry than meat is produced annually
  • 24.000 Slurry pools are generated in Spain every year


Reduction of environmental impact of livestock farmers

Swine farmers undertake considerable efforts to reduce their environmental impact, especially in the use of important resources such as water.

However, the management of slurry (a liquefied manure resulting from a mixture of water, urine, excrement and feed waste) continues to pose a real challenge for livestock farmers. Poor slurry management can cause serious problems with odours, greenhouse gas emissions, soil contamination and surface and groundwater pollution, among other effects.


Valorisation of waste

Despite its high value as a mineral fertiliser, making the most of pig slurry continues to pose a major challenge.

We work on the valorisation of waste generated on farming operations as hydrochar or mineral fertiliser.



  • Total elimination of pathogens
  • Odour abatement
  • Reduction of the environmental impact