Aiming system for mortars eCOMPASS

As defense scenarios become more complex, technology can help to improve safety and capabilities for Armed Forces. In the battlefield every second makes the difference between success and failure. eCOMPASS improves accuracy and reduce mortar’s preparation time.

The technological evolution to the traditional mortar sight units

eCOMPASS improves accuracy and automates tasks to accelerate decision-making when time is key

eCOMPASS is an electronic aiming system that makes the aiming process for mortars easier and faster.

The device combines speed, accuracy, and usability to improve the effectiveness of mortar units in the battlefield, where every second counts. eCOMPASS is based on a multiple sensors module resulting in a non-dependent GNSS device. It is the technological advancement to the traditional mortar sight units.

The mortar can be ready to fire in only 50 seconds. Besides this short aiming time, eCOMPASS improves aiming accuracy, obtaining a precision lower than 7 mils in orientation and 3 mils in elevation. The system consists of a multiple sensors module, a battery, and a rugged tablet that is easy to transport and use. The high shock resistance of eCOMPASS allows it to be used in all type of mortars regardless their caliber, charge, or rate of fire.

eCOMPASS can be operated in standalone mode or it can also be integrated in the fire control system customer’s computer. The system gives a real advantage in all types of mortar missions. Improve accuracy and increase speed of operations. eCOMPASS reduces mortar preparation time for each round and this can be key in some circumstances where the shoot and scoot tactic is needed.

Key features
Aiming ready in only 50 seconds
Non-dependent GNSS
Can be used in complex environments
Improved accuracy
eCOMPASS’ precision is <7 mils orientation and <3 mils elevation
Shoot and scoot tactic
eCOMPASS is very robust and supports several rounds avoiding enemy counter-battery actions
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