We continue to contribute to tackling this pandemic, which is still raging, through a comprehensive COVID-19 service for companies and private individuals.

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Comprehensive COVID-19 service

We have extensive experience in the development and management of COVID-19 testing services and security protocols. So much so, that our commitment and activity has not ceased since the start of the pandemic in March 2020.

Our tests are distinguished by their high quality reagents, guaranteeing their high specification, and by the processing capacity of our certified laboratories, which enables us to provide results in record time.

The solutions focus on two main areas of activity: companies and private individuals. In the private sector, we collaborate with companies from different industries to provide not only the analysis service, but also the security protocols. From laboratories that need to analyse their samples to large film production companies, airlines and travel agencies or prevention services for all kinds of companies. On a private individual level, we offer an extraction and analysis service in laboratories in Madrid and Barcelona and at 14 airports throughout Spain. We also offer a home testing service.

In addition, we have become a benchmark in Spain by creating COVID-19 safety protocols and conducting mass testing at all types of events, in particular at sporting events. In recent years, we have guaranteed a safe environment in major competitions, such as the Mutua Madrid Open, the Spanish Professional Football League, the Santander Golf Tour or the Spanish Golf Open.

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