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Fly COVID Test is a service led by the healthcare division of ARQUIMEA which, through the association of different laboratories, offers a comprehensive testing service for the detection of COVID-19 at airports within the Aena network.

Fly COVID Test centres are located in 14 Spanish airports throughout the country, where we offer PCR, antigen and antibody tests, so that people can travel in compliance with established health protocols.

Our team of professionals offers a quality service that guarantees, by means of certified laboratories, the highest reliability, sensitivity and specificity of our tests. In addition, all our kits are CE marked by regulatory agencies and comply with the specifications accepted by the World Health Organisation.

Travellers need only make an appointment and show up at their airport of departure, where our nursing team will take the sample. We then analyse the sample and issue a results report valid for international travel. In this way, we facilitate access to COVID tests for both national and international travellers.

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