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Comprehensive COVID testing service in laboratories and at home

COVID-19 Alliance is a consortium led by the healthcare division of ARQUIMEA, which, through the association of different biotechnology companies and certified laboratories, allows us to offer a comprehensive testing service for the detection of COVID-19 throughout the country.

We provide individuals with PCR, antigen and antibody tests for family reunions, travels or for those who simply want to know if they have gone through the disease. Through a network of Madrid and Barcelona medical centres, we offer COVID-19 tests with results in record time.

In addition, to adapt to the needs of every person, we also offer PCR and antibody tests at home. The PCR testing service at home allows you to collect the sample comfortably at home through a saliva sample, which also avoids the discomfort of inserting the swab into the nose. We collect the sample at your home and analyse it at our certified laboratories. Once analysed, we issue a results report valid for travelling.

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COVID-19 Alliance
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